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specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, spray components and air tool components, brand "TAGORE" is famous abroad.

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  • : Airbrush,Air Compressor,Air Compressor Kits
  • : 51 - 100 People
  • : 3,000-5,000 square meters
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Spray gun

A spray gun is an indispensable tool if you apply finishes to a lot of furniture, and there are many different spray guns to choose from on the market.
It can be challenging to use a spray gun, but once you have mastered it you will love the professional results a spray gun gives you. The most important step in any spraying project is setting up the gun, and with practice, this becomes second nature. 

1.Light weight body .
2.hight quality and modern design.
3.wide range of application
4.good after-sales service.
1.The forged and pressed gun body is compact to prevent paint jumping,sturdy and durable.
2.The lighter gun body,with its more comfortable knov components,lower noise and more comprehensive ergonomic design allows you to enjoy the pleasure of spraying.
3.With the most even atomizing effect,it is the best choice for a fast and efficient spraying.
4.Coating splashing and rebound loss reduced;paint transfer efficiency>65%,5-15% of paint saved.
5.Be applicable to spraying a variety of colored paints and varnishes.
6.A shiny and fine paint film can be achieved.
7.Each spray gun has survived two manual quality inspections.

Our Advantages:
1. High quality
2. Professional supplier
3. Wide range
4. High capacity
5. Competitive Prices and on-time delivery
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