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specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, spray components and air tool components, brand "TAGORE" is famous abroad.

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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. It is popular in film, theater, and sunless tanning; although systems designed for personal cosmetic use in the home are also available. Airbrush systems designed for these purpose are usually smaller and work at a lower pressures than systems used in industrial applications. 

Air brush makeup is a new technology of applying makeup. This process makes use of an air compressor to apply the makeup, rather than the traditional makeup brushes and other tools.

.Professional airbrush for airbrush makeup, airbrush tattoo, and airbrush food decorating.
.Crazy sales for the airbrush makeup market.
.Best choice for the airbrush cake decorating.
.Hot sales for the airbrush makeup and airbrush cake decorating market.

Usable range
1.The airbrush has many uses and can be seen in advertising, book, album covers, and Photo retouching.
2.Cosmetic application of liquid foundations that have a high coverage but thin in texture can be applied with the airbrush for a full coverage without heavy build up.
3.Temporary tattoo, body art and spray tanning are now all very popular with the use of the airbrush.
4.Nail art, aided with hundreds of tiny stencils widely available for nail art creations.
5.Airbrushes are frequently used by scale modeling enthusiasts to achieve desired effects which would be hard to replicate by brush work alone.
6.The custom car industry, with murals, graphics and other artwork being also displayed on vans, lorries, boats, planes motorcycle tanks, helmets etc just to mention a few all enjoy the beautiful artistic and desired effects an airbrush can bring in skillful hands.
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