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specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, spray components and air tool components, brand "TAGORE" is famous abroad.

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Airbrush Tattoo

Tattoo is become fashion, no matter star or people are enjoying this new fashion trend. There are many kinds of tattoos, one of the best safe and convenient is tattoo sticker. Any ways you can use. Both for men and women, you can sticker tattoo at neck, arm, waist, chest, or anywhere of body. It also can blot out scar of your body. Let's being beautiful tattoo GGMM.

1. Professional airbrush cake set with nice spray lines and natural appearance.
2. A mini style airbrush compressor set. Compressor's color and design are optional.
3. Airbrush can be used for makeup, tanning, nail art, cake decorating, and so on.
4. Used on: Chocolate, Cake, Skin, Ceramic, Metal, Glass ect.
5. Excellent quality but reasonable price.
6. Offer OEM & ODM airbrush.

Using way:
1. washing and wipe up tattoo part.
2. tear protecting film of tattoo.
3. put front of tattoo at skin.
4. use wet cloth or sponge brush tattoo till it wringing completely.
5. lightly pull the corner of tattoo, to make sure if tattoo is already in the skin. If not, repeat 3 and 4.
6. tattoo can keep for some days uder better protect steps and not to knead or touch tattoo.

1.Excellent quality control
2.Competitive price
3.Technology Support
4.Test before packing
5.With short delivery time
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