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specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, spray components and air tool components, brand "TAGORE" is famous abroad.

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Double Action Airbrush

Double action airbrush is accomplished with TWO finger movements: PUSHING. DOWN on the trigger releases AIR, and PULLING BACK release color. The volume of color sprayed directly corresponds to how far the trigger is pulled back.The double‑action, internal‑mix airbrush is available with BOTTOM, SIDE and GRAVITY‑FEED reservoirs. The side and gravity‑feed models are most appropriate for precision ILLUSTRATION, PHOTO RETOUCHING or any type of finely‑rendered work. The BOTTOM‑FEED models which accommodate containers of different sizes are generally the most convenient and versatile.Most double‑action, internal‑mix models produce spray patterns ranging in size from approximately the width of a FINE PENCIL LINE to two inches.

The double‑action, internal‑mix model is involved in almost every airbrush application. All facets of graphic design, illustration and photo retouching utilize the double‑action, internal‑mix airbrush. The added control of the DOUBLE‑ACTION and the smooth, uniform spray of its INTERNAL‑MIX make this model ideal for graphic and fine artists alike. This model is RECOMMENDED for all areas of commercial graphics and fine art.
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