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specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, spray components and air tool components, brand "TAGORE" is famous abroad.

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Airbrush Kit

We've all seen airbrushed T-shirts, but airbrushing has many more uses. Different kits are used a variety of purposes, such as cake decorating, make-up application, automotive painting and fine art production. In general, all airbrush kits will include four basic items; air compressor, connective hose, color cup or siphon tube (which holds the ink or coloring agent) and the airbrush.

For example,using an airbrush kit on decorated cakes can allow you to make more extravagant and artistic cakes. Airbrush kits come in all sizes, with different attachments and features. Deciding which airbrush system to use can be overwhelming, so check ratings and reviews to see which one will best fit your needs.

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